Gravestone Links & References

How to Read a Graveyard

This website provides concise, step-by-step directions on how to look at a graveyard as a historian.

Stones and Bones: Using Tombstones as Textbooks

Stones and Bones: Using Tombstones as Textbooks contains content information about what to look for in cemeteries, cemetery symbology, glossaries, burial customs, attitudes toward death, information about marble and granite, folklore and superstitions about death and burial customs. The packet also includes skill sheets and sample activities, including important information about the “do’s and don’ts” of gravestone rubbing, and a resources section that includes a list of organizations, books available from the Barre Granite Association about gravestone memorial art and architecture, and a bibliography.

The Cemetery Quest Project

This lesson introduces students to data collection and to the families buried in their local cemetery. It also provides resources that can be used back in the classroom to link student work in mathematics and computer technology.

Exploring the Cemetery

This is an introductory lesson for students and teachers about exploring cemeteries.

Additional Sources:

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Hyde & Hyde, editors, Burial Grounds of Vermont (Vermont Old Cemetery Association, 1998).