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Civil War Letters

These web pages include two Civil War letters written by Vermonters as well as teaching suggestions and links.

Mary Paul’s letters

These letters were written by Mary Paul to her Father in 1845 while she was working in Lowell, Massachusetts, as a mill girl.

The Underground Railroad Project

This project is based on a group of letters written between abolitionists and slave owners. They provide both differing perspectives on what should be done about fugitives, as well as a picture of daily life for fugitives in Vermont.


Hard Marching Every Day: The Civil War Letters of Private Wilbur Fisk, 1861-1865
edited by Emil and Ruth Rosenblatt

Letters to Vermont, From Her Civil War Soldier Correspondents to the Home Press, Volumes 1 and 2 compiled and edited by Donald H. Wickman

Quite Ready To Be Sent Somewhere: The Civil War Letters of Aldace Freeman Walker
edited by Tom Ledoux

Tuf as a Boiled Owl: The Civil War Letters of Proctor Swallow 7th Vermont Volunteer Regiment compiled by Kenena Hansen Spalding