Diary Activity

The excerpts in this activity are from a 1911 diary kept by Alice Bushnell, a seven-year-old girl in Strafford, Vermont.


Alice Bushnell Diary

Print out the blank diary page. When Alice Bushnell kept her diary in 1911, she fit six days of activities onto each page while writing with pen and ink in cursive.

Write down the most important things you did yesterday. Does it fit easily on the page?

Did you list any chores?
Did you list any other work your family did?
Did you list some things you did for fun?

Now look at what Alice wrote about in February, 1911.

What chores did Alice and brothers do?

Carpentry on their house, sawing wood, washed dishes, wiped dishes

What did Alice write about having fun?

She made candy.

Do you do any of the same chores as Alice and her brothers? Do you do any chores that Alice didn’t do?

What do you do for fun that Alice or her brothers would not have done? Remember, they didn’t have electricity!