Diaries : Links & References

Vermont Diaries Online

Using Historical Journals in the Classroom

This website includes transcriptions of portions of the diaries of two Vermont teens (1873 and 1894) as well as teaching activities.

Trails to the Utah and Pacific

This is a large collection of diaries and letters of pioneers migrating westward. A search using the keyword “Vermont” brings up several diaries of Vermonters heading west.

Do History

This website is based on the diary of Martha Ballard, a midwife from Augusta, Maine. This website has excellent information about how to build context around a diary and how to tell a story. There are also tips about how to read old handwriting.


Diary of a Christian Soldier: Rufus Kinsley and the Civil War
by David C. Rankin

Jonathan Carpenter’s Journal: Being the Diary of a Revolutionary War Soldier and Pioneer Settler of Vermont
edited by Miriam and Wes Herwig

Little Girl’s Diary, A: Life on a Farm in Rural Vermont
by Alice Bushnell; edited by Marcia Cowles Bushnell