Photograph Activity

Move the zoom lens around the  photograph to find the answers to the following questions.


Where was this photograph taken? What clues tell you this?

This photograph was taken inside a Vermont schoolroom. The desks, blackboard, and students are all clues.

How many children are in this classroom?

There are nineteen children in the photograph.

Are the children all the same age?

No. They look like they range from young primary students to students in their early teens. This indicates that it was probably a one-room schoolhouse.

What do you see on the walls?

Blackboard, calendar, and a map of Vermont

What were their sources of heat and light?

There was a wood stove for heat and windows for light.

What is similar to a schoolroom today? What is different?

We have desks, maps, and blackboards. Today children are usually grouped by age in classrooms. We also have central heating, electricity, and clocks on the walls.