How do I find primary sources in my community?
What’s the best way to use them with my students?
How can I connect them to the larger national story?

These are just some of the questions that teachers have asked the Flow of History over the years. In response to these questions, we have created doinghistory.org. This website describes the many historical resources that can be found in just about any Vermont community and connects them to the historical societies, town offices, libraries, cemeteries, and courthouses that maintain them. It also provides links to online databases that contain historical materials pertaining to Vermont.

At Doing History, the visitor can go to a virtual archive, such as the historical society, and learn about the types of primary sources that might be found there. Each type of primary source, such as letters, has an introductory activity that leads the teacher or student through a series of questions that eventually connect the source to larger historical themes or events.

This website was created by Sarah Rooker with editorial help from Alan Berolzheimer. The Flow of History teacher advisory group provided guidance and suggestions. Thank you to Nancy Lewis, Stevens High School; Bridget Fariel, Gordon Christie-Maples, and Kirsten Surprenant, Rivendell Academy; Beth Hayslett, Woodstock Middle School; Frank Kelley, Chester/Andover Elementary School; Jennifer Boeri-Boyce, Hartford Memorial Middle School; and Michael Eppolito, Flood Brook Union School We also thank Beth Hughes at Broadwing Design for her design of both the Doing History and RivendellTrail sites.

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