Exploring Wôbanakik, the Abenaki Homeland

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What does Wôbanakik mean?

Wôbanakik means “Land of the Dawn”

What is the body of water in the top right portion of the map?

Sobagwa—The Atlantic Ocean

How is the orientation of this map different from other maps of northern New England and why?

The map is oriented with East at the top of the map. The map is oriented toward the dawn.

What are the boundaries of Wôbanakik?

The Atlantic Ocean, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Champlain

Can you find any place names that are similar to names today?

Kwinitegok = Connecticut,    Wiwinebasaki = Winnipesaukee

Which river is closest to where you live?


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About the Map(s): Please note the map orientation (clue: “Wôbanakik” is Abenaki for “Land of the Dawn”) Original Wôbanakik Map, Copyright 1995, Frederick M. Wiseman

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Exploring Wôbanakik, the Abenaki Homeland
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